Bulk Publish Course (CANVAS ADMINS)

The Google sheet is setup through a generic TCC Google account with an Access Token in the Canvas TCC account. In case something happens to this, start from the first step, if nothing has changed with this step then skip to the bottom section. 

First create an access token under the TCC Canvas account user settings.

Screenshot of a Generate Token popup in Canvas

Name it to signify for Bulk Publish, an expiration date is unnecessary, then click on Generate Token.

Copy the Token that is generated as it will not display again, it can only be regenerated and the spreadsheet will need it entered again.

Sign into the TCC Google account, open the Drive then the Unpublished Courses sheet, and click on the Canvas drop down, then click on Configure API Settings.

Screenshot of API Configuration in the spreadsheet tool

The Hostname is tacomacc.instructure.com and the Access Token is the one you just generated in Canvas, enter these then click submit.

If the settings are already there, you can start from here.

Click on Canvas > Select Term > Future Terms and then select the desired term.

Then click on Canvas > List Unpublished Courses > Faculty combined into single line, the spreadsheet will begin to populate with course information, allow some time for this to finish, once complete confirm the number of rows matches with the number of courses in the quarter.

For any sections that you do not want published, erase the ID field in the rows for those particular sections.

Finally, click on Canvas > Publish Courses (caution!), allow some time for this to finish, then confirm by checking the courses for that quarter in Canvas.