Study Room Booking Settings

This article is going to walk you through checking the room booking for the name(s) of the reservations to see if there is a opening in the rooms for a study group.

New Tab

New Tab

1)  Click on the + to add a new Tab

2) Click on the bookmark Room Bookings Settings


1)  Open a new tab as the Room Booking Settings

2)  Enter in the email address and password listed on the laminated card on the monitor.

Room tabs

Room tabs

Click on the first tab in the row Room Bookings

Room Bookings Preview

1)  On the Drop Down, select Information Commons

2)  Select a date

3)  Click on the button Add Booking

4)  Pick if it is a Single Booking or a Recurring Booking

Select times

1)  Click on the + next to the room you want to book

2)  Click on the boxes for the times you want to reserve

3)  Fill in the form with the students name, email, and the group is their last name

4)  Click Submit Booking

Once the booking is made, it is confirmed right away.

Canceling a Booking

1)  Click on the booking, verify the name of the student

2)  Click on the Cancel All and confirm the cancelation of the booking