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How to I get my TCC email on my iPhone/Android phone or tablet?

This guide is going to walk you through the process of getting your TCC email on your phone/tablet or other Mobile device. The examples in Black are from an Android device while the blue one is an IOS device.

**First, you must be logged into your 3/4G network or a wireless network**

Microsoft Outlook App

Through Google Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhones), download and install the Microsoft Outlook App

Open the App

Click Open to open the App

Start Wizard

Click Get Started

Add accounts

1)  If you have a Gmail account, you can add it now by tapping on Google; Connect account

2)  If you do not wish to add your Gmail or don't have one, tap Skip


1)  Type in your Outlook email address **STUDENTS: Please use the following format for your student email: Portal User Name@student.tacomacc.edu

2)  Tap Continue


The app will find your Outlook account and will connect


Depending on the email, it may or may not ask for your password

Access your mail

1)  When you open the app, you will see a list of accounts, just tap on one to select it

2)  Tap on Inbox

List of accounts

1)  Tap the Menu icon to see a list of accounts

2)  Tap the Pencil icon to compose new mail


Email = jdoe65405@student.tacomacc.edu

Password =  your TCC Portal password

Faculty & Staff:

Email = jdoe@tacomacc.edu

Password = TCC Portal Password