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Free Online Typing Software Instructions

Sign in to

1.  Type your username, which is your ctcLink Student ID number

2.  Type the password plst106 (remember not to capitalize the alpha characters)

Start the 5-minute Timed Test

1.  Select TEST from the top navigation bar.

Choose the 5-minute Test

1.  Click on TAKE 5:00 TEST to begin your timed typing.


1.  Click on BEGIN TEST to access the on-screen test.

Complete the Test

Start typing and continue for the full 5 minutes of the test.  Remember to put only single spaces between sentences.  You may also backspace to correct errors.  Good luck!

Completed Test Certification

Completed Test Certification

1.  Take a screenshot of the final results and paste to a Word document to submit to assignment KB1, or

2.  Select PRINT CERTIFICATE and take a screenshot of that page and paste to Word document to submit to assignment KB1.