How to I reset my password for ctcLink?

This guide will walk you through doing a password reset for the ctcLink Gateway system.


Click on Forgot your password

Your number

Your number

Type in your ctcLink Student ID number and press ENTER on your keyboard

**NOTE**  You must press enter, to lock in the number and display the questions

Security questions

Security questions

1)  Enter the answer for each of your security questions

2)  Make a new password.  Do not use one that you use all of the time, Try to use something different

3)  Click Submit


You will get a message that your password has been changed.

If you get an error that the Answers don't match, be sure you have no spelling errors.  If you are sure of your answers and still getting the error, Please contact eLearning at 253-566-5176 and we will submit a ticket to have your account reset.