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What is done with the Lost and Late equipment Reports


The email will be in your InBox of what ever email you put in the WorkFlows Report

Lost Equipment

In the lost report you will have the students name, thie address, a TCC email and their personal email that is listed in ctcLink.  

It will list the equipment and the cost of the Amount.  

The text lets them know that a hold will be placed on their account, and that they will not be able to graduate, get thier transcripts, or register for classes.

I copy the email and send it to them a second time from my work account.  (I have seen that this email goes to their spam folder)  Email from my account, might go to thier InBox.

Keep the emails

Set up a rule for the emails to go to a special folder in your Outlook.

Folder in OneDrive

Create two folders in OneDrive for the equipment

Save email

Drag the Email to the corasponding folder  **Lost to Lost or Overdue to Late**


The email will be saved as Symphony Report.  

Rename the file as the date listed in the report

As the equipment is returned, I delete the report.

Please see the screen step for adding the lost equipment information to the Excel sheet and notifying Jill Merrit for a hold and Janice Stroh in the Business office for sending the student to collections.

Late Equipment

Drag the Overdue Report to the Late or Overdue folder you created in your OneDrive

Students get 2 Late notices before going to the Lost Status

The first email is the next day when the equipment is Overdue fromt he day before, Emails are sent form the WorkFlows system at 12 AM.

The second Overdue notice is sent when the equipment is 7 days overdue.

Equipment goes to the lost status when the item is 10 days past due.

On the send notice I copy the email and send the notice to the student from my account, hopeing that it will not go to their Spam folder of their emails.