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How to track the hours of the Work Study students

This guide will walk you through keeping track of the alloted hours for the Work Study Students.

Excel Document

Open the document:  Work Study Hours alloted and used


1)  At the beinging of the quarter, start a new tab, copy the previous quarters chart to the new quarter, add in all of the Work Study or Work First Students that have been hired

2)  Change the dates to the current weeks of the quarter

Alloted hours

For each student list the total number of hours they are permitted to work for the amount of their award.

Example:  Award is $2000 for Fall quarter  The student will be making $11.60 an hour.  They can then work a max of 172.41 hours.  Since the system works in quarters, I will put 172.25 alloted.

When the hire packets comes back from Financial Aid it will have the total of the award listed for each quarter.

Claimed hours

Go to the HCM Piller and follow the breadcrumbs above

Get Employees

Click Get Employees


1)  Set the date to the Monday of the Week you need the hours for and click the Green arrows to refresh

2)  Find the name of the work study student

3)  Look to see the total hours claimed for the week

Excel and hours

1)  Enter the total hours listed from ctcLink **During the quarter, work study or work first can not work more than 19 hours a week**

2)  The spread sheet will total the hours, subtract it from the alotted, then display the remaining hours.

When in doubt of the hours the student is claiming, you can cross referance with When I Work to see what they were scheduled for the week.