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How do I add the Skype for Business for video calls?

This guide is going to walk you through adding the plug-in for using Skype for Business.


1)  Click on the Windows button

2)  Scroll down through your list of programs to Microsoft

MS office

1)  Click on the Microsoft Office folder

2)  Click on Skype for Business 2016

Log in

1)  Enter your TCC email address (User name@tacomacc.edu)

2)  Set the Availability you wish

3)  Click Sign In


Skype will connect to the list of all contacts through TCC.  This may take a few moments.


You can type in the last name of a contact you wish to communicate with or you can start a meeting.


1)  You can type a message and talk with the contact

2)  By clicking the Video icon you can start a live video chat with the contact

3)  If you need to you can invite more contacts to the session

Hang up

When you are done with the session, click the X to end the session


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