How do I set up a Group in O365?

This guide is going to walk you through the process of creating a Group in )365 and then inviting others to the gorup.

Campus Email

1)  Click on the group pf squares in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click on Campus Email

Add Group

Click on the + next to the word Groups

Create Group

Click on Next in the Standard Group

Name the Group

1)  Fill in the name

2)  Once you name the group it will display the groups email address

3)  Add a Description if you wish

4)  Set the Privacy to "Private".  You don't want everyone on campus to have access to your Group

5)  Click Create

Add members

1)  Start typing the last name of someone and you will get a list of names to pick from of people on campus that have an email account.  Click their name to add them to the group

2)  Once you have all of the names, click Add

Group is added

1)  The group will display under the Groups in the left hand column

2)  The members of the groups are listed tot he upper right hand corner

3)  The Group has it's own Calendar, files and more that only group members have access to

***NOTE***  The group files and calendar can only be accessed through the Quick Link in the portal, Campus E-Mail


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