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How do I restore a deleted document from OneDrive?

This guide is going to walk you through restoring a document or image that you deleted from the OneDrive folder.  Whether you are online or using the files through your File Explorer in your computer.

Online Application of OneDrive

In the Portal, click on the Quick Link, Campus E-Mail


1)  Click on the group of squares in the Upper left hand corner

2)  Click on OneDrive

Recycle Bin

On the left hand side, click on Recycle Bin

Select the file

1)  Click on the file of image you need to restore

2)  Click on Restore


You will get a notice that the item was restored. It will be back tot he original location you removed it from

Restore from File Explorer

Open the Recycle Bin on you desk top

Select file

1)  Left click on the item to select it

2)  Click on Restore this item at the top of the window

OR  3)  Right click on the item to get the pop out menu and left click on Restore

File Explorer

Open your File Explorer and go to your OneDrive

Open folder

Open the folder where the file was originally


The Image is restored



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