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How to I set the Default applications for documents?

This guide is going to walk you through making adjustments to the Default Apps for opening documents.  


Right click on the Windows Logo **Normally located in the lower left hand corner**

Left click on Search


1)  In the search box type in Default

2)  Default Apps should be the first item in the search results, left click on Default Apps


1)  Click on the process your looking for

2)  From the pop up, click on the application you want to use to perform the process

Search by file type

At the bottom, click on Choose default apps by file type

**This will be used for example, to set Word 2016 to open .docx files or Adobe Reader to open.pdf

File Type

1)  Scroll down to find the file type Example:  .pdf

2)  Click on the application that is currently there  

3)  From the pop out list, pick the application you want to be using  

**Microsoft Edge is the "Recommended" default application to open .pdf documents.  This is not compatible with our printing protocols here at TCC

Once an Application is selected, it is saved.  There is no separate action you need to take to save


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