How do I add assets in TDX?

This guide will walk you through adding assets into TDX and then how to check it out to someone.  


1)  Click on the waffle squares in the left hand corner

2)  Click on Assets/CIs

Add Assets

Click on +Asset to add a new device


Pick the form that is the best fit for the device your adding and then fill out the form

Sample Laptop

Fill out the form as best as you can and click Save

Adding asset to a ticket

In the ticket, click on Assets/Cls


Click +Assets/Cl's


Click on the device from the list


Click Save

The device is added

The device is added to the the ticket now.  When the devise is returned, you can just close the ticket and the device will be returned back into the system.  No need for you to remove it before you close the ticket.


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