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How to Upload Files to Your TCC OneDrive

TCC has made OneDrive for Business available to all Students, Faculty, and Staff.  OneDrive is the place where you can store and share files and is an app available through our Campus Email Office 365.  OneDrive is where students can store their assignment submissions that can be uploaded easily into Canvas--no need to carry around (and possibly forget!) a thumb drive.  NOTE:  All users get 1 Terabyte of storage space.

Step One:  Using OneDrive

Step One:  Using OneDrive

1.  Login to TCC's Campus e-Mail (Outlook Web Application (OWA))

2.  Click on the App launcher button

3.  Select the OneDrive App

Step Two:  Create new folder(s)

Step Two:  Create new folder(s)

1.  Click on the downward pointing arrow at New.

2.  Click on the Folder button and give your new folder a meaningful name (such as CU 101 for your Web-Enabled Learning and Communication course).

Step Three:  Upload files to OneDrive

Step Three:  Upload files to OneDrive

1.  Make sure you are in your correct folder.

2.  Select the Upload button and follow the instructions to upload a document from another source (your C:\ drive, a thumb drive, etc.).

3.  Your document is ready for you to use!


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