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What are some of the basics of Windows 10?

Before you go into the classroom and get lost trying to navigate Windows 10, here are some basic things you might need to know.

How do I Log Off?

1)  Right click on the Windows Logo Start icon

2)  Hover the mouse over Shut down or sign out, a menu will pop out

3)  Left click on Sign out  **Note Microsoft changed the wording to Sign out rather than Log off

The menu looks different

1)  This is the menu of applications on this PC.

2)  This is a list of Shortcuts to the applications loaded on the system for a quick find rather than scrolling down through the list on the left.

How do I Pin programs on the Start Menu or the Taskbar?

1)  Right click on the program

2)  Pin to Start will make a large tile on the right hand side

3)  Pin to Taskbar will pin it to the bottom of your desktop in the in the little bar area

Where are my files, my N: drive?

1)  Right click on the Windows icon

2)  Left click on File Explorer, it will open the window you are used to seeing

How can I pin File Explorer to the Taskbar?

1)  Right click on the Windows start button

2)  Left click on Search

Search for it

1)  In the search line at the bottom, type in File Explorer

2)  You will see the Folder Icon you are used to seeing

Pin it

1)  Right click on the File Explorer and from the list, Left click Pin to Taskbar

2)  This will pin the Folder icon to the bottom Taskbar where you are used to seeing it.

How do I map a Share on Win 10?

Click on the Folder icon in your Taskbar  **See the steps above for pining the application to your Taskbar**

This PC

1)  Right click on This PC in the list to the left

2)  From the pop up list, Left click on Map Network drive...

1)  Click on the drop down for the Drive

2)  Click on what letter you want to use for the Share

Name of the share

1)  Type in the name of the share

2)  Click Finish

The share is listed

The share you just mapped, is now in the listing.  If you still had a N: drive that will be there and you don't have to map it.


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