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Plan Stack and Advisor Checks

In Civitas Inspire for Advisor

Navigate to Civitas Inspire for Advisor.  Click on Civitas in your Portal Quick Links or go to https://tacomacc.civitaslearning.com/auth/login

Choose a student from your advisee list OR search for a student.  If the student is your advisee  you can click on them in your advisee list - OR you can find any student (whether they are your advisee or not) by using the Search function at the upper right of your Civitas screen.

Check Advisor

Advisor info is on the bottom left of the screen

Check Plan Stack

Check Plan Stack. On the left menu look under "program" to find their currently activated stack (the one they are receiving financial aid for)

In ctcLink

Navigate to the Quick Links in your TCC Portal

Choose My Advisees or Student Services Center

You can get see the Plan Stack information in either your Advisee area OR Student Services Center.  On your initial screen you can go directly to My Advisees or Student Services Center OR you can click on CS at the top and find these areas using the Main Menu.

Click on "view student details" for your student

or if they are not your advisee go to the bottom of the screen and click "view data for other students and enter in their information to search for them

Check Advisor

Student Center tab - bottom right of screen

Check Plan Stack

Go to the "Academics" tab

Check stack - Their active stack should here

Say No to PRQ and UNDECL

Our goal is to have no students stacked in prerequisite stacks or undeclared/undecided stacks - if you see someone in these stacks send an email to Char with student name/number and what their degree plan should be.

Double Check Transfer Degree Status

We want to be sure that students are correctly identified as workforce students.  If you see someone in a transfer stack please talk to them about their intent and if they are in a health pathway please discuss the Allied Health AAS-T to see if it is a better option for them.  If they should be switched send an email to Char with name/number and plan they need to switch to.  If you are in Business then a DTA stack might be the right thing for them - but still inquire to be sure.

Missing/Wrong Advisor?

If you come across a record with a missing or wrong advisor please notify Char.  Send her student name/number and who advisor should be (if you know) or just of the fact that no advisor is listed.