How do I set up the Multi Factor Authentication for my O365 account?

This guide is going to walk you through how to set up the Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your O365 account.  When you are off campus, and you try to log into your email account, you will be prompted for the authentication.  

***NOTE***  If you have already set up Multi Factor Authentication, then you do not need to set it up again.  You will know that you have set it up, if when you go to the URL and your screen shows you anything other than what this guide shows.


Go to the following URL:

Log in

Enter your TCC email address and click Next

Work account

Microsoft Teams

You may get prompted as to what account this is for, click Work or school account


Type in your password and click Sign in

More information

Click Next

Step 1

1)  Make sure this says Authentication phone

2)  Enter your phone number

3)  Check the circle for Send me a code by text message

4)  Click Contact me

Enter Code

You have gotten a text message with the code

1)  Type in the numbers form the text message

2)  Click Verify

Logging in

1)  Enter the number that was sent to you phone by text message

2)  Click Verify


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