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How to run an Attendance Report in Canvas

Reports can be run during the quarter.

  1. Select the Attendance tab in the course navigation
  2. Select the Settings icon
  3. Select Attendance Report

Prepare the report parameters

  1. Select filter data if you are wanting attendance for just one student or for a particular time period
  2. Add or change email addresses for report distribution
  3. Select Run Report
  4. Check your email account for the report link

Email retrieval

Screenshot of email message containing link to attendance report spreadsheet
  1. Open email message
  2. Click the link to open the spreadsheet

Attendance Report as a spreadsheet

  1. Open the spreadsheet and save as to a new name, if desired.
  2. Column H contains the students' names
  3. Column I contains the date(s) and column J contains attendance status on the date


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