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How do I create tiles in the new 9.2 ctcLink?

This guide will walk you through creating tiles on the home pages of the pillars in the updated 9.2 ctcLink.  This is a way to save your favorites.  

Log in

Log into ctcLink at https://gateway.ctclink.us


Clink on one of the pillars


Navigate to a page that you use on a regular basis that is not already a tile on your home page

1)  Click on the 3 vertical dots in the right hand corner

2)  Click on Add To Homepage

Pick Homepage

1)  Pick which set of tiles you want the new one to be pasted to

2)  Click Add


Click OK


Click on Home to return to your pillar's Home Page

Your home pages

From the drop down at the top, pick the Home Page you wish to see

New tile

You are done. You now have your new tile of the page you use all the time.


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