How do I enroll in a course?

This guide is going to walk you though enrolling in a course here at TCC.

Log in

1)  Enter your Student/ctcLink ID number

2)  Enter your passwrod

3)  Click Sign In

Student Center

Click on Student Center

Manage Classes

Click on Manage Classes

1)  Click on Class Search and Enroll

2)  Select the quarter you are enrolling for and that it is the one for "Tacoma Community College"

Search for class

Enter in the word of the class your looking for.  For example, English, Art, Biology, etc

Narrow the search

1)  Use the filters on the left to narrow your search

2)  Click on the course you want

Pick a course

Once you find a course that fits your time schedule, click on the > at the right hand side


Review again the course you have chosen and click Next>


1)  If you wish to be added tot he WaitList if the class is full, change the slider to Yes

2)  If you were given a 5 digit code from the instructor or your adviser, enter that here  

**NOTE**  If you don't have a code just leave this blank  

3)  Click Accept to add the class to your shopping cart

Enroll or Cart

1)  If you are just adding one class, you can click on Enroll.  If you have others to add, you can click on Add to Shopping Cart and go back and add more classes

2)  Click Next>


You get a final review, click Submit


Click Yes


You will have confirmation that the class was added to your schedule