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What are the steps to view your Financial Aid?

This guide will walk you through the steps of viewing your Financial Aid in ctcLink.

Log into ctcLink using your ID number and the password you set when you activated your account.

Student Center

Click on Student Center

To Do List

1)  Check you To Do List for anything that still needs to be completed

2)  In the Finances box, click on View Financial Aid


Click on the Year you wish to view


Each of the entries int he Category column are a hyperlink that you can click on to get more details of the grant/loan/scholarship


Under the Terms, you can click on View Scheduled Disbursement Dates to get a list of exact dates when the grant/load/scholarship was applied


The dates will be in the last column

Need more info?

1)  On your Student TCC Portal, hover your mouse over the tab Money & Jobs

2)  Click on Financial Aid & Scholarships  

3)  Click on Tuition & Financial Aid Refunds (receiving your aid)