Tacoma Community CollegeeLearningIT Help DeskHow do I setup the O365 verification methods for password resets?

How do I setup the O365 verification methods for password resets?

This guide is going to walk you through setting up O365 so that you can do password resets.  

***NOTE***  You only need to set up 2 of the verification options.  Email and questions, phone and email, or phone and questions.  


1)  Enter your Portal User Name and Password

2)  Click on LOGIN


1)  Click on the group of squares in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click on Campus Email

Set up

1)  Your email will be displayed here

2)  Click Next


You must pick an option of how you want to be verified by O365

***NOTE***  The office Phone is not an option.  That is why you can not select it

Questions Setup

1)  Pick a question for each drop down and then type you answer in the box.  These answers are Case Sensitive and you must set all three

2)  Click save answers

Phone Setup

1)  Select how you want to get the code.  **Note that calling the office phone is not an option for TCC**

2)  Check the box for the Mobile phone

3)  Enter your phone number with no spaces or dashes, area code first  **Example:  2535558888

4)  Click save

Email Setup

**The image might not be exact**

1)  Click in the box and put in an alternate email, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc

2)  Click Save


1)  The option you chose will have a Green Check to let you know you set up that method

2)  Click finish

Now that the authentication requirements have been selected, you should be able to change your password at any time.  


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