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How do I reset my password through O365?

This guide will walk you through resetting a password in O356 when you have forgotten it.  If you have not set up your authentication methods, please use this guide to set them up:


Go to O365

Go to:  https://outlook.office365.com

Click on Can't access your acount


1)  Enter your full email address  

***STUDENTS***  Please use the following format for your email  Portal user name@student.tacomacc.edu  

***Instructors/Staff***  Please use the following format for your email  Portal user name@tacomacc.edu

2)  Enter the letters you see, they are case sensitive

3)  Click Next

Questions Verification

1)  Answer all 3 of your questions

2)  Click Next

Phone Code Verification

1)  Enter the code that was sent to your mobile phone

2)  Click Verify

Email Code Verification

You will get a code in the email that you set up as your Alternate email

Enter the code

1)  Enter the code you got in your email

2)  Click Verify

New Password

1)  Type in a new password with the following criteria

  • Use 8 to 16 characters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Uppercase letters
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Symbols, including: ! @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ‘ , . ? / ` ~ “ < > ( ) ;

O365 will warn you if you have not met the criteria

2)  Click Next

You have used the password before

If you are using any part of an old password from the last 5, the system will warn you that you must pick a new one

1)  Enter and confirm a new password

2)  Click Next


To log in with your new password click on click here

You will also get an email notification letting you know that your password has been reset


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