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How do I attach a document from Share Point?

This guide will walk you through the process of attaching a document from Share Point into an email.

1)  In the Portal, click on the group of squares in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click on All applications


1)  In the search type Sharepoint

2)  Click on the tile Sharepoint Online


1)  Hover, don't click, over the word Departments

2)  In the drop down, click on your department name

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Copy the URL listed in the Address Bar, this is your departments specific location of your Sharepoint


In outlook, click New Email


1)  Click Attach File

2)  Click Browse The PC

1)  In file name, put in the URL that you copied from your Address Bar

2)  Click Open


Double click Documents

Select document

1)  Click on the document you want to attach

2)  Click Insert

Chose how you want to attach the information.  As a link that everyone has access to or as a Copy of the document that people can read but not edit the original

File Attached

The file is now attached in the email


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