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How to I reset passwords for Faculty/Staff?

This guide will walk you through the process of resetting staff and faculty passwords.  If they are here in person, we just need a photo ID, if it is a ticket or email, we need the name of their supervisor and the new password will be sent to the supervisor.

Open the Active Director Users and Computers

Active Directory

1)  Expand tccnet.edu

2)  Expand Main Campus

3)  Expand Main campus Administrative

4)  Click on Admin Faculty Staff

Name List

1)  Find the name of the staff member and Right Click on the name

2)  Click on Reset Password...

New Password

1)  Enter in the new password for the staff or faculty

2)  If they are at home and not on campus, unchecked the option that they must change the password at log in.  This will give them a chance to make a new one later when they are on campus

3)  Click OK


If the staff or faculty was in person and you saw their ID, give them the password.  If they put in a ticket or phone call, then ask for the name of their supervisor and send the new password to the supervisor.  


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