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How do I delete roles for an employee that has left?

This is the process for deleting roles of employees that have left the college.


1)  Enter in the EMPLID

2)  Click Search

User Roles

1)  Click on the tab for the User Roles

2)  Click on the Spreadsheet icon to download the .xlxs


1)  Save it to your desktop first

2)  Name the document the Employees name and the pillar that the roles are for, HCM or CS

3)  Click Save


Open the file and then click on File

Save As

1)  Click Save As

2)  Click This PC


1)  Click on the ctcLink share

2)  Follow the bread crumbs

3)  Name the document the name of the employee and the pillar the roles are for

4)  Chose Excel Workbook as the type

5)  Click Save

Delete roles

1)  Click View All

2)  Click the - (minus symbol) net tot he role you wish to delete and confirm the deletion

**Note:  You have to do each one separately, DO NOT delete Applicant and Process Group All

3)  Click Save once all roles are removed


1)  Click on the General Tab

2)  Remove all of the Primary and Row Security

3)  Remove the Process Profile

4)  Click Save


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