Mail Machine

This guide will walk you through logging into the mail system

Power on

Push the power button if the machine is off

Log in

User name is:  dstratton

Password is:  MYmailroom3

Open the Program

Program is called:  G2-EMS

3 Pop up Questions

Question 1

Answer is:  No

Question 2

Answer is:  No

Question 3

Answer is: Yes

Log in to EMS

User name is:  ADMIN

Password is:  admin  (All lower case)


Click on System Setup

Hardware Set up

1)  Make sure Tacoma Community College is in the bottom Dropdown

2)  Click Hardware Setup


Click IS Meter Setup

Use Meter

Place a check in Use IM Meter

Address is:  B016064


Click the Test button


Click the Save button

Save & Exit

Click Save & Exit


Click Exit


Click on USPS

Enter budget number

Type in a budget number  

Budget numbers

You just enter in the last 4 digits of the budget number

Press ENTER on the keyboard


Place the mail on the side with the address readable

Letters and Flats

Click Letters and Flats


Click Start Dynamic Weighing  

The machine will activate and stamp the envelope You will see it come out the other side


Click Record Mail Run


Click Send This Mail

You can then start over with another letter and a different budget.

Stack of letters

1)  Place the stack of unsealed envelopes on the machine

2)  With the flaps flush against the metal back

3)  Gap for the flaps to stick down in

The machine will take one letter through at a time

International Mail

Click Intl Mail Page

You will have to enter the Country Code

You will enter the Country and the Country Code

**Example:  Country = Vietnam  Code = 307

Stored Countries

1) Start to type the name of the Country

2)  Click on the one you need from the list

Scale for International & small packages

International mail and small packages is weighed on the scale to the left of the machine

Stamp generator

With the mail on the scale, click Send This Package

Stamp Output

A stamp with the right postage will the right postage will be generated to the right of the machine

When you are all done

Click the button with the 3 vertical lines in the upper left corner

Home Page

Click Home Page


Click the X in the upper left corner to exit the program


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