How to use the mail machine

This guide is going to walk you through the use of the mail machine.

Power on

Push the power button if the machine is turned off

Log in

User name is:  dstratton

Password is:  Mailroom

Mail Program

Double click the Program icon:  G2-EMS

3 pop Up Questions

Question 1

Answer is:  No

Question 2

Answer is:  No

Question 3

Answer is: Yes

Log into EMS

User name is:  ADMIN

Password is:  admin  (All lower case)

You are logged in

System Set up

Click on System Setup

Start test

Click on General System Settings

Hardware Setup

Click Hardware Setup

IS Meter setup

Click IS Meter Setup

Begin test

Do not change any of the fields, they are all set

Click Test


Click Save

Save and Exit

After the test confirmation, click Save & Exit

Exit settings

Click Exit

Stamping Envelopes

Click USPS

Zip Code

Enter the zip code  on the letter and press ENTER on the keyboard

Budget Code

Enter the Budget Code and press ENTER on the keyboard

**The budget codes are listed on the wall to the left**

Place the mail **Example of a sealed mail

Place the mail in the try up against the top edge, right side up

Letters and Flats

Click Letters ... Flats

Dynamic Weighing

1)  The budget you put in is listed at the top

2)  Click Start Dynamic Weighing

Stamps mail

Stamped mail will feed into the tray to the right

Changing the Budget Number

Click Setup Next Account

New budget number

Type in the budget number and press ENTER on the keyboard

Stack of mail unsealed

Take the stack of unsealed envelopes and place them in the tray to the left, right side up

Tuck the flap

The flap of the mail is over the edge so it is hanging down in the gap

Mail tucked in

Sealing mode

Click Sealing Mode

Sealing on and moistening level

The Sealing Mode is now ON and you can adjust the moisture level of the seal.  **This should say at the default**

Budget number

Enter the budget number from the list on the wall to the left

Apply next account

Click Apply Next Account

Dynamic Weighing

Click Start Dynamic Weighing

Mail is stamped and sealed

Mail will come out in the tray to the right, sealed and stamped

Printing labels for weighted packages

Click USPS

Zip code

Enter a zip code and press ENTER on the keyboard

**If the zip code is already displayed, just press ENTER**

Budget Number

Enter the budget number and press ENTER on the keyboard

Budget numbers are on the wall

Pick a cost of the type of mail

Click the button with $$

Certified mail example

1)  Click Certified  **If you need a return receipt, click that option as well and it will add to the total cost

2)  The cost of a certified mail will display

3)  Click Accept

Add a weight

1)  Click on Ounces

2)  Enter the weight in Pounds, press ENTER on the keyboard.  Enter the Ounces and press ENTER on the keyboard

Send Mail

Click Send this Mail


Label is printed in the tray to the right

Peal the label and stick it to the envelope


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