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How do I update the TCC Directory?

This guide will walk through the process of updating the TCC Directory when a new employee is hired and when they are Terminated.  

An email will be generated with the information needed

1)  Click on the group of squares in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click on All applications

1)  In the Search start to type in what your looking for

2)  Click on the tile that you want or

3)  Click on the start to add it to your favorites


1)  The Names are all in alphabetical order, just scroll through the list to find the one listed in the email

2)  Click on Select next to the name

1)  Fill in as much as you can from the email.  Not all of the information is in the email, employees will have to fill in the rest

2)  Click on the check box for Display Listing

3)  Click on Update Employee  **Note**  If you click the link and nothing happens, check the fields for the correct information.  If something is wrong, it will not prompt you


You will see a confirmation that the Employee is updated.  

Removing the listing

When an employee leaves the college, just uncheck the box to remove the listing from the Directory.  


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