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How do I create a Long Distance Code for an employee?

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a long distance code and then requesting for Quest to activate it.  

Clink on the tile for the CenturyLink Codes that you added to your favorites

1)  Click on the Drop Down arrow to display the list of names

2)  Scroll through the list to find the name of the employee


Select the budget from the list

**Note**  The codes listed in the tool are the old codes and you must use the master list to match the new code with the old one


Click Add

Find the code

1)  Find the name of the Employee in list by entering a last name in the search or just scrolling through the list

2)  Note down the PAC Code (the Long Distance Code).  

3)  If the PAC Code is not 7 digits or it begins with a Zero, click the Delete and add the employee again.  


1) Send an email to:  qcc.switched.support@centurylink.com

2) Enter in the following information exactly

Subject:  PAC code Activation

Hello Century Link,

Tacoma Community College would like to have the following PAC Code “Activated” as soon as possible.

Add to: Account 83240689, index 43611

3)  Enter the Employees full name from the listing and the PAC code that was generated


Shortly you will receive an email with a conformation of the request


In 24 hours you will get a Confirmation email that the code has been activated

Email Employee

Send an email to the Employee or their Supervisor with the following text:

Hi   ,

Your long distance scan code is active and ready: (Enter the PAC Code)

To use the code:

Dial 9 + 1 + Area code + number / Wait for the long tone / Enter code

Please do not share your long distance scan code. This is linked specifically to your department budget.





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