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How do I to reply to a ticket in TDX?

This guide is going to walk through getting to the tickets and how to reply to one.


Click on the Users tile


1)  When you first log into TDX you will see your Desktop area.  You can customize your own Desktop by clicking on Edit

2)  You can set what kind of information you want to see


To get to the ticket Queue, click on Tickets

Tickets Queue

Click Tickets

All tickets

1)  All of the tickets are listed in the order they have been modified.  Bold tickets mean you have not opened them to look at them

2)  The requester's name is listed so you know who put in the ticket

3)  The Primary is the person or group that the ticket was assigned to

4)  The status of the tick will tell you if it is new or being worked on

The Status

New: No one has opened it or assigned it

Open:  It has been looked and and assigned to someone

Process:  The assigned tech is working on the ticket with the requestor

Suggested Solution:  The issue might be resolved with the solution given

Closed:  The issue was resolved with no quesion

Canceled:  Used for deleting spam tickets

On Hold:  Waiting for equipment or resources to resume working on the issue

Taking the ticket

Clicking on a ticket will open it

1)  Click on Actions

2)  Click on Add to My Work

3)  Your name will appear as the one responsible for the ticket


1)  The Description is where you will find what the issue or request is

2)  The Feed is where you will see any changes or comments on the ticket from the tech or the requester


Click on Update


1)  Change the status

2)  Type a reply tot he requestor

3)  Use a template for a quick reply you don't want to type over and over again

4)  Under Notify, pick the requester.  You don't need to notify the group

5)  Click Save

If you close a ticket, and the requester replies to the email they receive, it will reopen the ticket.  Just reply again and close it.  


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