Tacoma Community CollegeeLearningTeamDynamix SupportHow do I submit a support ticket?

How do I submit a support ticket?

Go to the support site

Go to https://my.tacomacc.edu/support or click the Support quick link in the MyTCC portal.  This will bring you to the TeamDynamix TCC support site.

1)  Click on the little group of squares in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click on TCC Support

Support Request

Click the Create Support Request button.

Are you faculty/staff or a student?

Choose Staff and Faculty or Students.


Choose a category.  In this example, I will pick Canvas.

What do you have a question about?

Pick the item you have a question about.  I this example, I will show how you can request training on Canvas.

Choose service

Click the service you are requesting.  In this example, we will choose Canvas Training.

Request support

Click the Request Support button.


Fill in the Title and Description then click the Request button.


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