Scheduled Tickets

This guide is going to walk you through creating a Scheduled Ticket that you set the date and time you want it to become active.  

TDX Users

Click on Users


Click on Tickets


1)  Click on the Gear to get to the Ticket Settings

2)  Click on New Scheduled Ticket


1)  Give the incident /task /scheduled work a name

2)  Click on Schedule and pick when this tickets is going  to run, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly


Set the time for the task


Click on Classification and pick Incident


The first time you set this up you will click on + to create a new Template for yourself

New Ticket Template

1)  Set the template for Just Me and fill out all of the fields

2)  Click Save


When you click Template the one you created should now appear.  **Note I had to cancel out of the new ticket schedule and come back in to see my template


1)  Finish filling out all of the fields with your name as the Requestor and Responsible as yourself or another in your department that you want to complete this task.  

2)  Select that the Responsible is notified

3)  Select when you want this task to start (Entering 0 will start the run of the Ticket this day, a 1 will start the run of the ticket the next day)  When it is due, the same day or is it a week for the task to be done


Click on Save


You should see the Confirmation of the Scheduled Ticket

Your Schedule

1)  Click on the Gear icon for Ticket Settings

2)  Click on My Schedules

All of your tasks

You can see all of your Scheduled tickets

If you no longer need that scheduled ticket, you can click on the Delete to remove the tasks from running again

Your New Ticket

1)  Click on Assigned To Me

2)  You will see your Scheduled Ticket


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