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How do I update the expiration of an article in the KB?

This article is going ot walk you through the process of updating the Knowlegebase articles based on the expiration dated that was entered on the creation of the article.


Click on the Administrators section

Knowledge Base

Click on Knowledge Base


Click on Articles

Date Range

1)  Enter a one week date range

2) click Search


1)  There are 16 articles

2)  In the range that was given

3)  Click on the first article to open it up


Take note of the path of where the article is located

Support KB site

On the support site navigate to the same path that was in the ticket and look for the article in the list


Click on the article and view it to be sure it is still up to date


Click on Edit Article


Look over the article and test any links to be sure they are still good and valid


1)  Click on Settings

2)  set the date for another 6 months Example: 5/29/2018

Save and your done!


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